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Search your ideal apartments for your vacation in Rome between the ones listed on the right, in Parione. In the list of apartments you can find the descriptions you need to help you choose the right apartment for your stay: type of accomodation (studio flat, one-bedroom flat...) minimum stay, location (on the map of Rome) and the minimum rate. Moreover if you dont know anything about the Parione district, you can use the guide of Rome; you will be able to read all the information about Parione district
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District: Parione

The name of Parione comes from Latin paries that means "wall". The most important place is Piazza Navona. The history of the square goes back to Ancient Rome: in the past it was used for grandiose public shows, games and water festival. Now during December the square is a great Christmas' market. Another important square is Campo dei Fiori that means "field of flowers": in the morning the square hosts a daily flower market really beautiful. In the afternoon it becomes a meeting place, especially for the young. In the evening the taverns and restaurants offering excellent Roman cooking. The surrounding streets are really characteristic and these streets are named for trades: Via dei Cappellari "hatmakers", Via dei Giubbonari "tailors" and Via dei Chiavari "Keymakers".

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1 apartments in the district Parione

1) Campo De Fiori  ( Studio ) 
vicolo dell'Aquila, 16 - Rome
The apartment is in vicolo dell'Aquila, 16, III floor in a house of four floor. The apartment is located in the heart o...
 map | Starting from: 80,00 (minimum 4 days)

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