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Search apartments in Rome

How can I find the right apartment with the tools of

You can utilize different tools to search the right apartment for you in Rome:
  • The map of Rome;
  • Search by district areas;
  • Search by price ranges;
  • Search by the number of rooms.

How can I find a apartments using the map?

From the apartment's home page just insert the name of the street in the box under the map and click on the button "search!". You will visualize all the accomodation facilities present in the street and the details about district area you have chosen (if there are any). Positioning the mouse cursor on one of the accomodation facilities on the map and clicking on the "more details" link will make you access the presentation sheet. Or you can fill in the box with the name of the monument or the church and the search engine will show on the map all the available accomodation facilities in that area.

How can I find an apartment by availability?

If you want to stay in a specific district area of Rome you can use the district area search engine mode. Next to the map, in the homepage section, there is a list of district areas in wich you can find the accommodation facilities that are part of our network. If you dont know the district area you can always find it by using the map. If you want a short description about the district area click on the name (of the district) and you will find an introduction guide to the main attractions.

How can I find an apartment by price range?

In the search engine "search by rates" (apartment's home page) you will need to select the price range by clicking on the link from to and the engine will display all the accomodation facilities in the price range you requested.

How can I find an apartment by the number of rooms?

In the search engine "search by number of rooms " (apartment's home page) you will need to select the apartments by number of people. You can search your ideal apartment in Rome selecting the number of room. The engine will display all the accomodation that corresponde at your needs.

Can I compare the apartment that I like?

Yes, you can do it and it is very simple. In the webpage up on the upper right side you will find a link "add to your favorite accomodation". Clicking on the link the engine will automatically group the accomodations that you found more interesting together. This will help you not to lose track of the apartments you think might be the right ones for you journey.

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