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The features of apartments in Rome

What is the definition of flat?

The definition of flat (referred to an apartment) is a one bedroom. An apartment is made of one or more rooms. In the descriptions of the apartments, for room we mean bedroom and/or the living room.

What is the difference between studio flat and a one bedroom flat?

By studio flat we mean all the apartments that have one room with a kitchenette and bathroom. By one bedroom flat we generally intend all the apartments that have two rooms, kitchen and bathroom. By two bedroom flat we mean all the apartments with three rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Where do I find the services of the apartment?

All the services offered by the apartments are listed on the overview page, that should be carefully read. There you will find all the useful informations of the apartment, it's description, the location, pictures, cancellation terms and services...

Where are the directions how to reach the apartment?

In the overview page of the apartment you will find a detailed description of the location and the directions you need to reach it. Moreover you have the possibility to consult the map.

Where are the contacts of the apartment?

You will receive the contacts of the apartment only after the end of the reservation process. You will receive an email with all the details of the apartment (owner, email, telephone number, address, ecc.).

How do I let them know my arrival time?

In the apartment overview page you can normally find the check in/out time. If your check in time is different from the one listed on line you can communicate to the accommodation during the reservation proccess in the space that says "note". Or you can make arrangements with the accommodation facility once you confirmed the reservation.

If I have any specific questions to make to the apartment how do i do it?

If you cant find the aswer on line you can use the "note" space that you will find in the reservation form. It will be the owner of the accommodation to answer at each of youre question or doubt.

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