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Apartments and holiday houses in Rome with prices between 161 and 205

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Search your ideal apartments for your vacation in Rome between those listed on the right. All the apartments are listed starting from a minimum 161 up to a maximum di 205. In the list of apartments you can find the descriptions you need to help you choose the right apartment for your stay: type of accomodation (studio flat, one-bedroom flat...) minimum stay, location (on the map) and the minimum rate. Moreover if you dont know the district area well you can utilize the map by clicking on the map link in the short presentation; you will visualize the exact location.
Today there are 3 apartments (holiday houses). Vacation rentals in Rome and surroundings

Map of Rome

3 apartments with prices between 161 and 205

1) Via Urbana  ( 2 bedroom ) 
Via Urbana, 12/B - Rome
This excellent apartment is located in the heart of Rome, in the "Suburra" neighborhood where Julius Caesar grew up. It ...
 map | Starting from: 180,00 (minimum 3 days)

2) Via Dei Capocci  ( 1 bedroom ) 
via dei Capocci, 37 - Rome
The apartment is on the second floor; it's finely furnished. It has air conditioning and independent heating. There is t...
 map | Starting from: 180,00 (minimum 3 days)

3) Borgo Pio San Pietro Raffaello  ( 2 bedroom ) 
Borgo Pio, 91 - Rome
The Raffaello apartment is situated in one of the oldest parts of the city within close proximity of the Vatican and is ...
 map | Starting from: 205,00 (minimum 2 days)

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