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Bed & breakfast in Rome Borgo Pio - Vaticano

On line reservation of B&B in the "Eternal City" in Borgo Pio - Vaticano of Rome
Search your ideal bed and breakfast for your vacation in Rome between those listed on the right in Borgo Pio - Vaticano. All the B&B are directly reservable online. In the list of bed and breakfast you can find the descriptions you need to help you choose the right bed and breakfast for your stay: b&b (from 1 to 3 stars), location (on the map) and the minimum rate. Moreover if you dont know well Borgo Pio - Vaticano district, you can utilize the guide of Rome; you will visualize all the information about the district area!
12 b&b in Rome and surroundings

District area: Borgo Pio - Vaticano

Borgo district is one of the most famous ancient districts of Rome. The name origin is Burg, meaning a small village. Borgo includes the Basilica of Saint Peter, colloquially called Saint Peter's Basilica. Possibly the largest church in Christianity. It is surrounded by an elliptical colonnade with two pairs of Doric columns an excellent example of Baroque architecture. The incredible Dome or cupola of St. Peter was designed by Michelangelo. Borgo incudes also Castel St. Angelo initially a dynastic tomb, after converted into a fortess then became a noble dwelling and finally a papal residence; between times it served as a barracks, a prison and a museum. Castel St. Angelo includes one of the most famous bridge of Rome built in the 239 AD, Bridge of Castel St.Angelo. St. Angelo Castle and the Basilica of St. Peter have always rapresented the two sides of Borgo, temporal and spiritual. Via della Conciliazione in Borgo district is the main street leading to St Peter's Church from Adrian's Mausoleum or Castel Sant'Angelo. The goal was to make a street that was perfectly straight, and in order to achieve this, some old Borghi buildings had to be demolished. Rione Borgo Pio includes the most important monuments of the ancient Rome and stay nearby other characteristic place of Rome.

Map of Rome

12 Bed & breakfast (b&b) in Borgo Pio - Vaticano

1) Borgo Al Vaticano  (b&b 2 stars) 
bed & breakfast Borgo Al Vaticano (2 stars) Via Angelo Emo, 97 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
Borgo Pio Vaticano is completely indipendent, it has a doubleroom with the opportunity to add a third bed, private Kitch...
 map | Starting from: € 85,00

2) Vaticano  (b&b 3 stars) 
bed & breakfast Vaticano (3 stars) Via Angelo Emo, 130 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
The apartment is located on the sixth floor of an elegant and modern building (with elevator/lift) from which you'll enj...
 map | Starting from: € 80,00

3) Casagiovy  (b&b 3 stars) 
bed & breakfast Casagiovy (3 stars) Via Leone IX, 21 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
We are located in the heart of Rome Tourist centre, two steps away from St. Peter Square, Vatican City, Vatican Museums,...
 map | Starting from: € 0,00

4) Antinoo  (b&b 2 stars) 
bed & breakfast Antinoo (2 stars) Via Luigi Rizzo, 81 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
The B&B Antinoo is situated in an excellent central position. Near to Vatican Museum which is one of the most famous Mus...
 map | Starting from: € 75,00

5) Il Cupolone  (b&b  star) 
bed & breakfast Il Cupolone ( star) Via delle Fornaci, 70 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
The Il Cupolone B&B has 3 double rooms comfortably furnished, silent, but above all endowed with comfortable beds with o...
 map | Starting from: € 75,00

6) Lt Rooms  (b&b 3 stars) 
bed & breakfast Lt Rooms (3 stars) Via Umberto Moricca, 5 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
If you are looking for a high quality accomodation at a b&b rate, LT Rooms is the perfect solution.Conveniently loca...
 map | Starting from: € 150,00

7) Marco E Laura  (b&b 4 stars) 
bed & breakfast Marco E Laura (4 stars) Via Aurelia, 232 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
Marco e Laura Bed&Breakfast is the cheap solution nearby the Saint Peter Church, for your stay in the eternal city. Mar...
 map | Starting from: € 70,00

8) I Giramondo  (b&b 3 stars) 
bed & breakfast I Giramondo (3 stars) Via Carlo Zucchi, 9- interno 16 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
B&B I GIRAMONDO is located on the forth level in a bright apartment of 140 mq fitted with an elevator, surrounded by wi...
 map | Starting from: € 50,00

9) Passeggiate Romane  (b&b 3 stars) 
bed & breakfast Passeggiate Romane (3 stars) Clivo di Monte del Gallo, 6 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
A few steps away from St. Peter’s Basilica with wiew on the famous dome, B&B Passeggiate Romane, recently and finely r...
 map | Starting from: € 55,00

10) St Peters  (b&b 3 stars) 
bed & breakfast St Peters (3 stars) Via della Cava Aurelia 183 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
Welcome to the brand new St. Peter’s Vacancy Bed & Breakfast, the ideal location for your stay in the Eternal City. Th...
 map | Starting from: € 45,00

11) Karolstay Bb Roma  (b&b 3 stelle stars) 
bed & breakfast Karolstay Bb Roma (3 stelle stars) Via Aurelia, 235 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
Your permanence in our Bed and Breakfasst in Rome, either for job or for relaxing moments, will always be relieved from ...
 map | Starting from: € 65,00

12) Le Torri Dei Papi  (b&b 4 stars) 
bed & breakfast Le Torri Dei Papi (4 stars) via Vespasiano,12 - Roma Borgo Pio - Vaticano
The B&B dei Papi Towers, located on the fourth floor with elevator of a building of the '800 is a beautifully furnished ...
 map | Starting from: € 80,00

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