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Security and privacy policy

Is it safe to insert your credit card details?

The details of your credit card are sent over a cripted and certified SSl protocol (Secure Socket Layer). The certiefied SSL protocol guarantees the identity of the owners of the B&B and the transparency for the consumer. The safe transmission of your credit card details is granted by the logo of a lock that will appear on the status bar of your Browser (internet Explorer). The transmission and the reception of data connecting to Secure Servers is marked by your Browser that displays the adress of the internet site as https:// (final s) and not http://, as an ulterior confirmation of the transmission of secure and cripted data.


D.Lgs. n. 196 of the 30 june 2003
The information we request when making your reservation, is requested in order to offer you a professional service. We will only disclose your personal information to third parties for the purposes of completing your booking through us, in order to provide you with the information or services you have requested, or with your explicit consent. In accordance with European personal data protection laws (DLgs. n. 196 of the30 june 2003), strict security procedures are observed at GaYA to prevent personal data misuse and unauthorised access.

Is the privacy of my personal data guaranteed?

Our server and network are protected by firewalls against unauthorized access. This means we can guarantee that it is totally safe to send us your details. We use the latest, most secure technology available, which encrypts all your personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology.


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Reservation guide

If you need help on how to search and book an accommodation in Rome, you can use our on line help that you will find inside each area (hotels, apartments or bed and breakfast) on the right menu. The guide will give you all the information you might need on how to use the search tools provided by

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