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Rome Colonna: 12 Hotels listed

All the hotels available in Colonna district. If you don't know this district you may use or small guide that will tell you about touristic attractions in Colonna district. Use the tools we provide to find your hotel that best suites you:
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List of hotels in Rome

Please Note: to find out the effective rate for your stay you need to verify the availability in the dates you have chosen. You'll be able to do so in the "hotel details" page. The rate shown is an average price for a stay in a double room during low season.
1 Montecitorio  ( 3 stars) 
 3 110.00 Rome Via Delle Convertite, 5 Via Delle Convertite, 5 - 00187 Rome Colonna
The Montecitorio Hotel(so called for its immediate nearness to the Montecitorio which is the house of the Italian Govern...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 110.00 / day

2 Hotel Regno  ( 3 stars) 
 3 114.00 Rome Via Del Corso 330 Via Del Corso 330 - 00186 Rome Colonna
Hotel Regno is 200 metres from the Trevi Fountain. Toss a coin in the fountain if you want to come back to Rome, most li...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 114.00 / day

3 Daniel's Hotel  ( 4 stars) 
 4 180.00 Rome Via Frattina 107 Via Frattina 107 - 00187 Rome Colonna
Set on a quiet side street near the Spanish Steps, Daniel’s Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a spa ...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 180.00 / day

4 Colonna Palace  ( 4 stars) 
 4 152.00 Rome Piazza Montecitorio, 12 Piazza Montecitorio, 12 - 00186 Rome Colonna
Set in a 17-th century building, this 4-star hotel is a 5-minute walk from Piazza Navona and Pantheon. It offers elegant...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 152.00 / day

5 Albergo Cesàri  ( 3 stars) 
 3 96.00 Rome Via Di Pietra, 89/a Via Di Pietra, 89/a - 00186 Rome Colonna
Mixing modern and antique design, Albergo Cesàri offers a great location in central, historic Rome, between the Trevi F...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 96.00 / day

6 Hotel San Silvestro  ( 3 stars) 
 3 70.00 Rome Via Del Gambero 3 Via Del Gambero 3 - 00187 Rome Colonna
Located next to the Church of San Silvestro in Capite, this hotel offers air-conditioned rooms in the heart of Rome's hi...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 70.00 / day

7 Hotel Croce Di Malta  ( 2 stars) 
 2 85.00 Rome Via Borgognona 28 Via Borgognona 28 - 00187 Rome Colonna
A few steps from the Spanish Steps, Hotel Croce di Malta is located in the historic centre of Rome. It offers a quiet at...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 85.00 / day

8 Hotel Parlamento  ( 2 stars) 
 2 126.00 Rome Via Delle Convertite 5 Via Delle Convertite 5 - 00187 Rome Colonna
Set in central Rome, only 450 metres from the well-known Trevi fountain, Hotel Parlamento offers a shared terrace with t...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 126.00 / day

9 Hotel Caravita  ( 3 stars) 
 3 160.00 Rome Via Del Caravita 5 Via Del Caravita 5 - 00186 Rome Colonna
Located 300 metres from the Trevi Fountain in the centre of Rome, Hotel Caravita offers a bar, free Wi-Fi and accommodat...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 160.00 / day

10 Infinity Hotel  ( 3 stars) 
 3 216.00 Rome Via Della Vite 14 Via Della Vite 14 - 00187 Rome Colonna
Located in Rome’s historic centre, 500 metres from the Spanish Steps, Infinity Hotel offers free Wi-Fi throughout. An ...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 216.00 / day

11 Parlamento Boutique Hotel  ( 3 stars) 
 3 128.00 Rome Via Delle Convertite 5 Via Delle Convertite 5 - 00187 Rome Colonna
Parlamento Boutique Hotel is located in the Spagna district in Rome and it is housed in a 17th-century building. It is 3...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 128.00 / day

12 Albergo Cesari Hotel  (0 3 stars) 
 3 323.00 Rome Via Pietra 89a Via Pietra 89a - 00186 Rome Colonna
La descrizione di questo albergo disponibile solo in inglese...
Show on map | Rates starting from: € 323.00 / day

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