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Search for available Hotels or Bed and Breakfast in Rome. In the search engine on the right you can select the check-in and check-out data and type of rooms. The system will show you only the available hotels. After you can refine your search by selecting different price, district area or category.. Search only available Hotels and B&B!

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Accommodations in Rome organized by district area. In the different sections of "hotel", "bed and breakfast" and "apartments", you will find an interactive map of Rome.
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You can search Hotels by category in the following section: hotel in Rome. You will find all the Hotels listed from 1 to 5 stars luxory Hotels. In the Bed and Breakfast section you will find the link bed and breakfast in Rome divided from 1 to 3 stars.

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From the home page section (bed and breakfast and apartments) you will find all the accommodations divided by price. You can search apartments and bed and breakfast by price!

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You can search Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Apartments in Rome by using the Rome guide. Use our Rome guide to view more information about the different district areas. You will find the guides in some of the web site sections: hotel, apartments, or b&b. In each section you can find information regarding the district area, tourist attractions; museums, churches, schools, hospitals... Very Simple!

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Special offers in Rome

Accommodations in Rome

Apartments in Rome / Vacation rentals

We have:
57 selected apartments in Rome and surroundings.

We have a wide selection of apartments:
the apartments ranging from 2 to 10 beds.

Search the apartment that better suites your needs. You can find your ideal flat using an interactive map, or selecting the district area or choosing the best price...
All our vacation rentals have been classified by budget, district area and number of rooms. Each apartment has a dedicated web page with detailed information and pictures.

Bed & breakfast in Rome

We have:
35 selected bed & breakfast in Rome and surroundings.

You will find:
B&B classified by category (from 1 star to 3 stars)
Bed & breakfast classified by district area

Search your ideal bed & breakfast by using our search tools. You can find b&bs by using an interactive map of Rome. You can search for B&B in Rome selecting the district area you prefer, choosing the price or category: form 1 to 3 stars.
More than 30 bed and breakfast in Rome, cheap or luxury b&bs, with detailed web pages, that you can reserve directly online with an instant confirmation process!

Hotels in Rome

We have:
more than 1000 hotels in Rome and surroundings.

You will find:
Hotels classified by category
Hotels classified by discrict or area

You can search for hotels in Rome center, or in the outskirts of Rome, up to Ostia Antica.

Sort the hotels from the most economic to the most luxurious and expensive hotel, from 1 star to 5 stars luxury..

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Reservation guide

If you need help on how to search and book an accommodation in Rome, you can use our on line help that you will find inside each area (hotels, apartments or bed and breakfast) on the right menu. The guide will give you all the information you might need on how to use the search tools provided by

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